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About us

"A good Bussiness starts with trust"

We are specialized in buying and reselling domains
For more Infos or offers, contact us info@domaindeals.at

Until 2017, we only mediate Domains between Owners and Buyers.
Since 2017 we buy, register and sell Domains.

For us, it is very important to have a good relationship of trust with our clients.
Buyers and sellers should have a respectful but friendly relationship.
For this reason the client is allowed to determine how he wants to do the business and which payment form he would like to choose.

In high-quality Business it is also possible to do the Business personally at a meeting or a dinner. Either with us in Austria, or i come to your country..

"Who invest wisely, invest in an independent future"

Do you have a Website or Domain what you want to sell because you do not need it anymore? We sell it for you !!

Do you have a Company and look for the right Domain for this? We will get it for you!
We arrange domains between Sellers and Buyers.
Every Domain is for sale!!!
Tell us the price what you are willing to pay and we mediate between you and the Seller.

We also register and buy Domains, which we sell here for a fair Price.


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